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Yukiko - another one of our lovely Rummagers! Visit her at Etsy, her Blog or Her Facebook page......

I was born and raised in Japan.
I have moved around the world with my husband for the last 10 years; 3 years in New Zealand, 4 years in Japan, 2 years in Vietnam 
and I came to Brisbane just over one year ago.

I studied interior décor while I was in New Zealand which influenced me a lot about coordinating colours, patterns and textures.
When I was in Vietnam, I worked for a shop that sold vintage items as well as manufacturing clothing and accessories. Through the job I became familiar with various kinds of textiles and gained experience in shop management, production management and graphic design. 

I learned about kimono dressing several years ago, and soon I started buying vintage kimono at antique markets in Japan. I was so fascinated by their beautiful patterns, diverse designs and colours, gradually I started to see kimono fabric as a great material for my craft projects. I self taught sewing and jewellery making. I started selling hand craft items online, at events and flea markets about four months ago. 
About my products:

Kimono jewellery and accessories
I make a wide range of kimono jewellery and accessories with various kinds of kimono fabrics. Kimono fabrics with small patterns are used for kimono jewellery, kimono fabrics with bold larger patterns are used for bags and scarves, and obi sash fabrics are used for pouches and clutch bags. I usually get inspiration when I see the fabrics I like, then I decide what to make with them.  So I am constantly making something new with different fabrics. 
Original jewellery
I source jewellery materials from all over the world including my home country, Japan. I usually mix vintage and contemporary beads which often makes unique yet stylish jewellery.

Visit Yukiko at the following places:

Her Blog
Her Facebook page 

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