Sunday, September 25, 2011


Another of our lovely Rummagers - meet Tennille of Twig and Bird:
Twig and Bird has been a concept in my head for some time and it finally blossomed to life this spring with my first suitcase rummage. I have started with only a small range, but have many exciting pieces I want to create and add to my collection. 
My dream is to allow my creative side to evolve, while developing a business that will allow me to stay at home with my young bub - the most rewarding job of my life to date. 

Twig and Bird style is handmade and a twist of vintage. Old, up-cycled and new wears that show the heart, soul and love of their creator. Amongst my own work, I also have vintage fabrics that have been re-created into beautiful hats and up-cycled toys with plenty of personality - made by a couple of my clever friends. 
Recently I started learning how to croche, and next in line is a sewing course... keeping me creating and bring new delights to my little venture. 
'Like' my facebook page 'Twig and Bird' and join me on my journey as I begin to upload new bits and bobs and one-off pieces that will bring a little joy to your heart.  


  1. Twig and Bird was a feature of one of my blog posts a few weeks ago!
    We thoroughly enjoyed our first visit to Suitcase Rummage. What a brilliant concept!!

  2. Absolutely gorgeous stuff Tennille, and congrats on taking the big leap into selling at the markets, even while juggling a new bub! Well done :)


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