Monday, December 23, 2013

Yay it's time for festivities!!

To all the festivals that partnered with us this year, to all the venues that hosted us, to all our lovely suitcase stallies, and of course to all the Rummagers in the land...we wish you a

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Suitcase Rummage Melbourne 2014 - Dates announced

Melbourne it's on like Donkey Kong! This time next February join us for our first Suitcase Rummage of 2014 in Melbourne. And what an exciting Rummage too. We'll be set up in the super cool Atrium at Federation Square as part of the amazing Sustainable Living Festival's Big Weekend - wow! We suspect this one might go like hotcakes so click right here to register now.

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Suitcase Rummage Brisbane 2014!

Drum roll please: announcing our first set of dates for Brisbane 2014! Ta da!
Registrations will be open for January on Monday December 16 - so please check back then!

Friday, November 29, 2013


Unfortunately due to the weather, we have had to CANCEL today's (30 November) event at Reddacliffe Place.

We hope to see you at another Rummage soon!

Sunday, November 10, 2013

LAST Suitcase Rummage @ Chalice!!

Registrations are open for our LAST Suitcase Rummage @ Chalice!! 

Next year Suitcase Rummage Melbourne will be focusing on our Pop Up Partnerships with festivals, starting with the excellent Sustainable Living Festival in February. So be sure to come along and play with us on December 14 as we bid adieu to lovely High Street, Northcote with live music from our resident crooner Will Tait (from 8Foot Felix), Anna Paddick & The Spekulators, flamenco dance with the exotic La Constanza, Bizarro story telling, tribal face painting and the usual fabulous art, craft, second hand and vintage wares.
Go here to register: Suitcase Rummage @ Chalice

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Suitcase Rummage Melbourne - Two For One!

Hello Melbourne Rummagers,

We have a special deal for our lovely Melburnians: when you register for The Village Festival, a space at our monthly Chalice Rummage is included! Nice eh? Well it's November and November is as good a time as any to be nice!

(click on the The Village page)

For more info on The Village Festival go here.

Image from The Village Festival website

Sunday, October 6, 2013

2013 Suitcase Rummage Silly Season Pledge

Here at Suitcase Rummage HQ, we are big fans of the Oxfam 3Things initiative. After all, one of the Rummage mottos is 'To focus on supporting Australia’s local, entry­‐level entrepreneurs, their locally produced handmade, recycled and up-­‐cycled products from a suitcase.'

Oxfam 3Things is a movement for Global Goodness. They believe that if each of us take small positive steps, together we can make some big changes. And we couldn't agree more!

Suitcase Rummage is a grass roots market designed to encourage members of the community to engage in ethical exchange through their advocacy of local Arts & Crafts, fostering DIY entrepreneurs, and supporting a sustainable economy. 

Last year we launched our Suitcase Rummage Silly Season Pledge and we were so chuffed at the encouragement we received. It seems there are quite a few Rummagers out there who also love being apart of a creative, robust and sustainable community! So since we have been hearing the word 'Christmas' bandied about at a few Rummages of late, we decided it was not too soon to launch our Silly Season Pledge for 2013.

There is plenty of time. All around Australia there are wonderful markets and outlets you can visit. Find the time to find them. Ride your bike, take the tram, train or bus, car pool, hover board to your favourite shop or market (and if you live remotely, jump online!). 

So pretty please, won't you join us again in our Suitcase Rummage Silly Season Pledge by supporting Australian made and grown, hand-made and fairly-traded art, craft produce, services and goods?

Take the pledge, pass it on and help make this Silly Season extra special!

And let us know about it! Show us what wonderful gifts you unrummage at your next Suitcase Rummage. Email us a picture of you with your silly season good(ness). suitcase rummage(at) We have some wonderful Pop Ups coming up, as well as our regular Rummages....

Melbourne: Northcote Uniting Church Hall  11am - 4pm
October 12 - November 9 - December 14

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Our lucky last September Pop-Up!

This Sunday 29th of September is the last of our September Pop Ups, and we're closing it in style at the North Melbourne Town Hall as part of the Melbourne Fringe Festival!!

The line up for  the day is awesome; we have local acts making music on the main stage, workshops for kids (and the young at heart) with Cartoon Professionals Zoonitoons, a pop up cupcake cafe, a relaxation and Reiki massage stall, and a sea of suitcases selling all sorts of trash and treasure!

There are so many wonderful events on this Fringe. Why not  hang around after the Rummage and see a show or have a drink in the Warren. "Take a chance and see something you have never heard of".

Fringe Club: All The Flavours Of The Fringe
After filling up on the freshest shows from all around the Festival, the place to digest and unwind is the Fringe Club. With music, circus, comedy, colour and a touch of magic, the Fringe Club is the place to kick up your heels and dance the night away. Featuring 12 nights of incredible talent from across the Fringe, you’ll be coming back time and time again to celebrate your Melbourne Fringe Festival experience.

The Warren: The Life of the Underground
A cozy place to call your own, The Warren is the perfect hidey-hole to relax in either before or after a Festival show. Catch up, talk shop and enjoy a White Rabbit with us in this fabulous lair under the floorboards. Find a comfy couch and settle in, or explore the nooks and crannies to discover the unique and engaging installations and performances happening throughout. Brought to you by the wonderful folks at Little Creatures.

Zoonitoons workshop:
Since 1984 Fil and Helen have worked as a team beginning with the comic Zooniverse which was published in the USA and began their career in Hollywood. Working on over 200 episodes of TV and feature animation, they set the style of characters which have entertained millions of children around the world for over 28 years.

This Sunday at Suitcase Rummage, have your child design their own original characters for only $5 per head. Sit them down, so you can wander around and have yourself a good old fashioned haggle! Recommended Ages 7+

For more info go here and to register for a stall go here.

Monday, September 23, 2013

Feature Stallholders @ Melbourne Fringe Festival - Fringe Club Pop Up Rummage!

Next Sunday 29th at the North Melbourne Town Hall you will find many wonderful delights including the beautifully crafted works of Kate Campbell and Vintage Galah! Go here to be a part of the Rummage experience and register for a stall!

Kate Campell Designs - Kate is a Melbourne based jewellery designer working in sterling silver with a focus on nature and reframing the definition of precious. Kate uses recycled brass and silver in jewellery pieces and makes everything at her studio in Northcote.

Vintage Galah - Turning Trash Into Treasure. Born from a love of finding vintage fabrics in op shops and at the same time, fatigue of mass produced fanbrics, Vintage Galah takes the unwanted and creates new accessories, homewares and softies.
Almost all of the marterials Dee uses are thrifted from Melbourne's op shops and then lovingly sewn together at home in Thornbury.

Recently Dee and Kate have launched Northern Regards Artisan Market. An atmospheric market in Melbourne's north......with beer !
Taking place at Norhtcote Social Club on Northcote's thriving High Street, Nortern Regards Artisan Market brings together local artisans with SUSTAINABLE wares. Wether it's in the techniques or materials they use, all our stallholders have a strong commitment to sustainability.
And did we mention the beer? Not just located in a pub, Northern Regards brings local craft beer/boutiques wineries to market with free samples. Throw in good food and music and you have the perfect Saturday afternoon.
Next market is November 2nd at 301 High Street Northcote.

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Suitcase Rummage @ Melbourne Fringe Festival - Fringe Club

This coming Sunday, Suitcase Rummage will be hosting the last of the September Pop Ups and it's going to be a doozy. Housed at the North Melbourne Town Hall and part of the Melbourne Fringe Festival, there will be live music on the grand stage and it is with great pleasure we introduce you to our awesome local musicians....

Will Tait & Friends
Will Tait (aka Captain Tait from 8Foot Felix) steers this ship from the Rhodes, and his voices glides from Tom Waits to Vaudeville with many tasty tangents on the way. 

The Marville Family
Peter Somerville on banjo, Ewen Baker on fiddle, Jeff Arnold on bass, Fran Martin on tenor guitar, in an echoey kitchen in Thornbury.

Peny Bohan
Not a newcomer to the music scene, Peny Bohan's knack for singer-songwriting was discovered after years of playing and studying Horn. Time out due to a physical hiccup allowed Peny many hours to get creative; who knew a couple of months in a neck-brace could turn out to turn out to be a good thing!
You may stumble across her on stage telling her stories and sweetly rambling about her day.
Sit a while with her and you will learn of the affectionate and oft-times passionate way she views her world. Peny delivers sass with an outwardly sweet persona whilst hinting at the sultry, cheeky and seductive soulful singer within.

Pepperjack is the solo project of indie-folk songwriter, Lauren Moore. Her music is characterised by lyrical density and honest subject matter. Despite having a full band, these songs are stripped back for the live show until they're practically naked. Pepperjack's songs feature delicate instrumentation and soft vocals, unexpectedly building to a new level as the frontwoman is practically shouting in desperation over the crashing of cymbals and haunting basslines. Dark and honest - you will find Pepperjack's new EP an intriguing listen.

Kate Ferguson
Playing a blend of country folk, 90s, pop, and alt rock tunes, I play both solo, and as part of the duo The Andrew Daddo Experience with Simon Burns.

For more info on Suitcase Rummage @ Melbourne Fringe Festival - Fringe Club, go here. To be a part of the Rummage Experience, register for a stall here.

Monday, September 16, 2013

Suitcase Rummage @ Darebin Music Feast: plan of attack!!

This Saturday Suitcase Rummage will be in the stunning art-deco Northcote Town Hall as part of Melbourne’s thriving music community festival, Darebin Music Feast 2013!

The glorious Northcote Town Hall will play host to some of the most exciting and innovative performances this festival and Saturday is going to be jam packed all day and into the eve with music, markets, food, wine, performance, workshops and more!

So here's the lowdown; we've got a plan Stan and you're invited to hitch a lift on our bandwagon...

10am - Breakfast at any of the many awesome Cafes on High.

11am - A leisurely stroll to Northcote Town Hall where Suitcase Rummage runs until 4pm. You will find bric-a-brac, bits n bobs, hand-made, second-hand, recycled, up cycled, clothing, records, books, artwork, name it! Come for a bargain, a swap, or an old fashioned haggle.

From midday - The Bain Marie (the sizzling festival hub bar, with a 200 capacity bar housed in the Northcote Town Hall Civic Square) will present a broad selection of music with heaps of bands, kid friendly lunchtime gigs, Open Decks BYO Vinyl Sessions, community participation events, food trucks, guest speakers, workshops, and music comedy.
Rummage to the sounds of local music, take a break for an 'educational' spirit and wine tasting (or two), Rummage some more....then,
2pm - the PBS Get Up Morning show kicks off, with a live performance of Marieke Hardy’s radio play “Dick and Fanny Make The Rock”.
A spot more Rummaging perhaps before....

3pm - Banana Island is a pop-up green space venue featuring a karaoke caravan cruise ship and the new Go Banana’s Buskers & Community Stage! Pack a picnic and enjoy sundown on the banana loungers or grab a bite from the array of Food Trucks cooking up delicious island treats. Located at the corner of Bayview Street & High Street, a hop, skip and jump from Suitcase Rummage.

Now just when Suitcase Rummage packs up and bumps out, why not hang around for..

4pm Decibels Records Artist Showcase Featuring Miss Eileen & King Lear and Yorque launch their new releases at this special showcase event.

So see you Saturday! If you would like to be involved in the Suitcase Rummage experience, there are a handful of stalls left. Jump in quick and register here:

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Introducing Bron Lewis Designs.....

1. To make over completely.
2. To bring back into existence or use.

This month in Melbourne, Bron Lewis Designs will be gracing ALL THREE of our Rummages. You will find her beautiful and luxurious up cycled home wares at the following places:

THIS SATURDAY Sept 14 Suitcase Rummage @ The Chalice 10am - 4pm
Northcote Uniting Church, 251 High Street Northcote

Sept 21 Suitcase Rummage @ Darebin Music Festival - 10am - 4pm
Northcote Town Hall, 189 High St,Northcote

Sept 28 Suitcase Rummage @ Melbourne Fringe Festival - 10am - 5:30/6pm
Fringe Club - North Melbourne Town Hall521 Queensberry St, North Melbourne

Did you know that if you register for all three Rummages, you'll go into the draw to win a FREE ARTIST PASS for the Melbourne Fringe Festival, which will give you discounts for the Fringe Shows and at the bar!!

So get in quick to register!! Register here:

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Suitcase Rummage Melbourne Pop Ups!!

Super Spring September Suitcase Monster Month!

Look out Melbourne! It's exciting times for Suitcase Rummage Melbourne. Not only have we just launched our new monthly space at the Northcote Uniting Church - Chalice, but we have been invited to participate in two of our favourite festivals: Darebin Music Feast and Melbourne Fringe Festival!! September is the month for rummaging. Whether you are spruking your wares, or looking to enhance your art collection or wardrobe, we've got it covered.

Winter will be over. The birds will be singing. The sun will be shining. Come out and play?

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Suitcase Rummage Melbourne

Well Melburnians, we have an announcement to make: Suitcase Rummage Melbourne is moving to the bustling, creative community of Northcote! And not only that but we're switching things up by swapping to a Saturday. For the remainder of 2013 you'll find us every 2nd Saturday of each month at the Northcote Uniting Church Hall on High Street, directly across from the Wesley Anne.

Registrations have opened for the July 13 launch, which will be apart of the fabulous Northern Exposure Festival so we're expecting there to be lots of fun and shenanigans happening in the hood.

To register for a stall go here (and be sure to read our Terms & Conditions before hand!).
Also check out our FAQ page on the blog further info on being apart of the Rummage Experience.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

New dates for Brisbane 2013!

We're super excited about releasing this new poster of Brisbane dates for the next half of 2013...

You'll notice something....we're going to be having 2 Rummages a month from August!!!

That's right, we'll be on the 1st and 3rd Sunday of every month in Reddacliffe Place

Check out the poster for dates!

Friday, May 31, 2013

Suitcase Rummage Goes To The Coburg Carnival!

SUITCASE RUMMAGE MELBOURNE is super duper excited to be partnering up with Moreland City Council at the annual Coburg Carnival this coming Saturday June 8.

Coburg will come alive with a spectacular array of colour and culture when the Coburg Carnivale brings music and art into the Victoria Street Mall and Sydney Road precinct.

Come for a bargain, a swap, or an old fashioned haggle!

When: Saturday June 8, 11am - 3pm
Where: Coburg Carnivale, Victoria Street Mall, Coburg (along Sydney Rd)
Cost: $25 + bf

To register go to:
For more information go to:

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Introducing EmmaDilemma!

Emma O’Dell's ukulele created for Pimp My MUF IV, an exhibition of custom painted ukuleles presented by the Melbourne Ukulele Festival, is one of our winning entries for the Suitcase Rummage People's Choice Award!

Hand painted cigar box guitar (made by Blind Kiwi) which was my MUF entry. I don't sell these myself but I will be trying to paint some cigar boxes in my original designs to sell at the May Rummage.

Day of the Dead Sugar Skull Character Cushions available $70 each

A creative mother of two young children and work-at-home drawing, painting, designing, and sewing for EmmaDilemma, Emma combines crafty bloodline and career as a graphic artist with a love of 20th century popular culture and art to create one-of-a-kind Handmade Rock'n'Roll Homewares.
She designs and creates embroidered wedding pillows, art, custom cushions, aprons and accessories, and also recently, painted cigar box guitars. 
Inspired by 1950’s culture, mythology, pin-up, rock‘n’roll, tattoos, Dia de los Muertos, tiki, rockabilly & roots music her wares are made from vintage, recycled materials. Everything is designed, stitched and hand-assembled by Emma so no two items are alike - they are all one-offs!

Find Emma at our next Melbourne Suitcase Rummage, May 19 at the Thornbury Theatre.

Reversible Pin Up style Aprons using vintage, new and upcycled materials from $25 each

A delicious selection of handmade fabric hair/brooch accessories using mixed materials and trimmings from $10 each

Find Emmadilemma on Facebook here  and her Etsy page here.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Rummage and find rare things | Toowoomba Chronicle

We're pretty chuffed to get a mention in the Toowoomba Chronicle for being a part of Jumpers & Jazz in Warwick on July 27th! 

Have a read here: Rummage and find rare things | Toowoomba Chronicle

Photo by Yan Chen

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Registrations OPEN Brisbane - June!

Morning Rummagers! Registrations are now open for our June 2 Rummage in Brisbane City. Get in quick if you want a spot - it sells out super fast!!!
Please make sure you read our terms & conditions before purchasing :)

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Suitcase Rummage @ Warwick's Jumpers & Jazz

We're really excited about being a part of Warwick's Jumpers & Jazz festival on July 27! 

Come and take part in the Rummage and have a gorgeous day in Warwick where the streets will come alive!

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Monday, April 15, 2013

The Pimp My MUF Suitcase Rummage People's Choice Award Winners!

Congratulations to Kate Kingsmill, Kat Young and Emma O’Dell! Their ukulele art pieces created for Pimp My MUF IV, an exhibition of custom painted ukuleles presented by the Melbourne Ukulele Festival, are the winning entries for the Suitcase Rummage People's Choice Award!

We are very excited that Kate, Kat and Emma will have stalls at Suitcase Rummage. You can check out their winning entries along with other painted, carved, drilled, collaged, sawn up and stuck back together ukes at Art at 1 Spring St gallery on Flinders Lane. A selection of the show will then be installed at The Thornbury Theatre for our May 19 Rummage. More information regarding the annual exhibition can be found here.

But first up we’d love to introduce you to Kate Kingsmill, who will be the first of our winners to host a stall this coming Sunday the 21st at Suitcase Rummage Melbourne.

Kate Kingsmill is a Northcote based illustrator making cards, prints, and other fun stuff.
Check out her work at

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