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What Rummagers have unrummaged at a Rummage

Melbourne's March Installation Artist

We have a wonderful artist doing the installation for the March Rummage at the Thornbury Theatre, Melbourne. 

Introducing the talented Laura Wood...

Laura Wood is an illustrator currently living in Melbourne, Australia. She has recently completed a Diploma of Illustration and is now proudly represented by Good Illustration Agency

Her illustrations are colourful and quirky. She likes to combine digital and traditional dry media to create childlike pictures with a sunny style and a folksy feeling.  
She is fascinated by illustrations able to tell a story; an element which she uses within her own work. Laura has a passion for catlike animals, flat shoes and good food. 
For the Thornbury March Rummage, Laura is going to be doing an installation called:


"What's the matter?" is an installation diorama created as part of the "Lost in Translation" project for True North Reservoir Arts Festival. 

Laura says "I was invited by Darebin City Council to create a visual piece of work that I developed with the help of mentor Belinda Suzette."
"The work is inspired by the song "North" written by emerging songwriter AuĂ°ur. 
I believe this visual installation reflects my way of receiving the song, his melody, rhythm and the overall feeling I perceived through the lyrics and music. 

"Using the song as starting point, I've developed the concept in it and translated it in something visual, incorporating my love for narrative, magical sceneries and children's stories."

Check out more of Laura's work at her website:

Sunday, February 17, 2013

What Rummagers have unRummaged at a Rummage

You'll be amazed at the kinds of things you can find at Suitcase Rummage....

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