Sunday, October 17, 2010


Simmone of Your Organ Grinder!
I'm Your Organ Grinder and The Little Orchard, otherwise known as Simmone. I make the Organs and the cute brooches and other bits and pieces, plus bundles of other things I just cant roll down to the Rummage every month! I'm a needlefelter, sewer, and general crafter, I'm not good at drawing , but can pretty much make anything out of felt or fleece.
My favourite Organs to make are the needlefelted ears and brains, I also love to needlefelt Owls, and have a few owl necklaces available at the rummage. My favourite thing about making Organs, apart from the personal love of creating them, is hearing the stories from the buyers of the Organs, people tell me about their operations, their illness, their treatments, their quirky collections, their jobs, their University theses, I love chatting to my customers and hearing about what the piece they buy means to them.
The Little Orchard is all handmade cuties, as well as a few weird creatures. I love fabric and have a lot of it, so I make badges and necklaces out it these days. Come say "hi" at the next rummage!
You can visit Simmone and her wonderful creations here.


Monday, October 11, 2010

November 7 Registrations are open!!!!!