Thursday, December 20, 2012


We just wanted to wish you all a happy festive season! It's been such a great year and we want to thank you all for being a part of it.

We're looking to seeing you all in the new year!! 

Sunday, December 16, 2012


We're super excited to be part of BLEACH Festival at the Gold Coast 24 February 2013!

Get on board! Register your spot here:

So many great events and happenings - check out the BLEACH website for festival details. 

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

2013 Posters!

We have a few new posters to share with you!! 

Below are the dates and details for Brisbane, Melbourne, pop up events in Dandenong and Darebin Community & Kite Festival and the Gold Coast. 

We're excited about 2013 - there's lots happening and lots to be involved in. Hope you can come along! We'd love to see you at a Rummage soon.

Thank you to the amazing Belinda Suzette for these beautiful posters. Isn't she incredible?!





Friday, December 7, 2012

Introducing... Kate Campbell Designs

We'd like to introduce the lovely Kate from Kate Campbell Designs!
Kate is a Melbourne based jeweller with a focus on 'reframing the definition of precious'.

"I love taking everyday things and framing them in silver to redefine them in the viewers eyes, from old copper pipe to wood and the inner workings of watches. At the moment I am working on framing knitting/crochet."
Kate did the NMIT Advanced Diploma in Jewellery in 1999/2000 and in the intervening 12 years practised privately, making jewellery for herself and friends. Recently launched through the 'Make Craft Your Business Course' run by the Thornbury Women's Neighbourhood House, Kate Campbell Designs is her first venture into the retail world with her work. 
“I am thoroughly enjoying it, and feel so supported by the women that I met doing the course and keep meeting at markets like Suitcase Rummage. It is a great community and I feel very lucky to be part of it!”

You can find Kate on facebook or at her website:

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Introducing...Made by Mzungu

The lovely Angela of MADE BY A MZUNGU

Made by a Mzungu creates beautiful resin-covered jewellery pieces - pendants, brooches, earrings, rings, cufflinks, mirror compacts, fridge magnets and framed pieces using postage stamps, photos, vintage wallpaper and fabric.

I've been a "craft dabbler" for a good part of my life and have a great love of colour that is found in nature and everyday life items.  My other great love is travelling and some of my resin jewellery pieces have been influenced by my travels and my passion for Africa.  My creations are unique and no two pieces are exactly the same.  I lay different colour palettes over my photographic pieces and there is no limit to the stamps, wallpaper and fabric that I can use.

I love the whole process of creating my pieces, from choosing the photo, stamp or wallpaper, pouring the resin and then putting the final finishing touch to each individual and unique piece.  I love selling my creations at markets and interacting with my fellow stallholder "creatives" and people coming to the markets.

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Melbourne Art Installation - December

This month we're excited to have the December art installation created by the wonderful Jenna Tapia and Maja Baska.
Spurred by a shared interest of discarded and abandoned toys, art collaborators Jenna Tapia and Maja Baska present a new body of work “A Cut Stitch”. The colourful and once-treasured toys used by the artists hold many memories of their lives as childhood friends. However beneath this, is a sense that something quite unsettling is taking place. The details are unknown and a sense of who or what
is at fault is unclear.
The artists present this new body of work consisting of animations, photography, soft sculpture and installations. The work is the result of years of the pair collaborating, observing and conversing about the underlying activities of toys.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Suitcase Rummage Pledge

Ok Ladies and Gents, there is something the team here at Suitcase Rummage feel pretty passionately about, we love being apart of a creative, robust and sustainable community. 

That's why we're hoping you will join us in our Suitcase Rummage 

Silly Season Pledge by supporting Australian made and grown, hand-made and fairly-traded art, craft produce, services and goods. 

Take the pledge, pass it on and help make this Silly Season extra special!

Check out our facebook page to share this pledge around, or download this image and share!

Sunday, November 25, 2012


We'd love to introduce the wonderful Fizzy Fingers Fantascinators!!

We're lucky to have them coming to our Melbourne Rummage!! Make sure you stop by their stall to see their amazing creations.

Head couture and wearable wonders...Handmade from treasures found from all over the world Fizzy Fingers are women who want to look nothing short of exceptional!
Be prepared to stand out!

Inspired by a few long crazy summers of travel and festivals when the usual dress ups just didn’t cut it ..With a need to be more outrageous, colourful and exceptional!

With humble beginnings of a simple flower soon the fascinators started to grow animals, skeletons, ships and stories. These fancinators quickly became fanTAScinators and Fizzy Fingers was born!

Since then these fantascinators have made women look completely amazing at festivals, theatres, parties, weddings and races all over the world .. 

Day Of The Dead ( Mexico)  Rainbow Serpent Festival (Aus) Secret Garden Party (UK) Fusion Festival (Germany) And Burning Man Festival (US)  just to name a few !  

More than just a hat Fizzy Fingers are a wearable artwork!
Accessories for the daring, outrageous and brave.

Visit Fizzy Fingers Fantascinators at their facebook.... you'll find them on etsy too!

Photos: Colour by Mark Buban
Black and White by El Paso

Friday, November 9, 2012


We'd like to introduce another lovely Melbourne Rummager - this time it's Angie from Precious Little Sakura!!

I have been making clothing and toys as gifts for family and friends for many years. I've also made costumes and wire framed faerie wings (even a pair that was spring loaded so that the wings could flap!).

I was fortunate to move into a house with the most amazing workshop / shed out the back. I also started collaborating with two gorgeous creative friends. Together we created some fantastic items. And the most enduring of these was the creation of the precious little sakura logo and label. For this I am forever indebted to the illustrator / designer (check out their blog -

I started making elephants as gifts late 2011 and when one was posted on Facebook with the friend tagged a friend of theirs commented and placed an order and from there another 60 odd elephants were made and sold (only a few left now).

I've ventured into deer and these along with the last few elephants are my shops stock. I have recently designed and created reindeers just in time for Christmas!

Along the way I've also made clothing. It's been a great way to bring together the things I love - the challenge of making things reversible, Japanese style / design and retro prints. I think it might be time to put some of the designs out there - maybe make them custom made!

You can find Angie at her etsy shop:
Follow her on facebook

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Introducing...Melbourne Installation Artist!

This month in Melbourne (18th Nov - don't forget to register!), we're going to be having an installation by The Sisters Hayes! Rebecca from The Sisters Hayes will also have a stall selling her gorgeous artwork...

We're super excited....

Rebecca Hayes is a Melbourne based artist working across animation, illustration, new media, theatre and the visual arts. She holds a Bachelor of Art (Animation and Interactive Media) from RMIT. Her multidisciplinary practice incorporates both traditional and digital techniques to bring to life characters and stories which are colourful, whimsical, and sometimes strange. 
Inspired by mid-century design, Rebecca's illustrations foster a sense of nostalgia for a world of side show queens, cowboys and characters of times gone by. Utilising a range of techniques encompassing drawing, stop motion and cut-outs, her animated works have screened in exhibitions, film festivals and public spaces- once afloat the Darling Harbour as part of the 2009 Sydney Festival.

She is also the youngest member of The Sisters Hayes, a trio of sibling artists collaborating across theatre, craft and the visual arts to bring audiences into rich and decorative worlds.

You can find Rebecca at her website - 
On twitter - @rebeccakay_
At her online store -

Canberra Rummage Regos Open!!!

Canberra Rummage is happening again!

December 16 from 12.30pm - 4.30pm
New Acton, Canberra

Register here:

For more information visit our 'Canberra' page!!

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Introducing... My French Sailor

Another lovely Melbourne Rummager! Sunnie from My French Sailor.

Sunnie is a landscape architect by trade running her own small business. To satisfy her fun creative side, she created My French Sailor, a venture that allows her to sell handmade paper goods at local Melbourne markets and also online with Etsy. 

In her spare time Sunnie is busy illustrating and designing new ideas for cards and gift tags and is currently working on a wedding stationary range. She loves nothing more than to sink her teeth into custom designs for her customers too. 

She enjoys heading to the markets, to not only support the local handmade movement, but to interact with customers and other stallholders. November 18th will be Sunnie’s first appearance at the Suitcase Rummage and she can’t wait to meet you Rummagers there!

Follow My French Sailor on facebook or twitter.

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Canberra Rummage @ Art Not Apart

We had an excellent day in Canberra at Art Not Apart yesterday! Thanks to everyone that came to check it out and to everyone involved. We'll be back!

Thanks to the lovely Effie Dee and Ruben for their fabulous 'Doodle Circle'! A great addition to yesterday's Rummage.