Tuesday, June 29, 2010


We'd like to introduce another of our wonderful suitcase holders....

Ricky Sullivan of Laundry Prints Co.

Photography has always been an interest to me, my Father and Auntie both have a history of developing their own prints. Even my Grandfather would develop contact prints and send them to my Grandmother while serving in the war.

We've been developing prints in our make shift laundry lab since 2008. We've spent many nights standing on a cold, wet floor, experimenting with traditional techniques of print making.

Each print is a unique work of art, no two prints are exactly the same. There are no computers involved, just lots of attention to detail, perfecting our craft print by print.

We sell our prints frameless and unmounted, making our works easy enough to give as gifts. Or for a more personal touch, we can mount or frame any of our photos for you.
Come check out our collection, we're building it week by week and hope to add a new selection for every suit case rummage.
We call ourselves the Laundry Print Co. Have a chat to us at Suitcase Rummage this Sunday or visit our new site at laundryprintscompany.com.

Ricky and Dean.

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