Thursday, June 10, 2010

We have so many gorgeous and wonderful Suitcase holders that come and partake in Suitcase Rummage. We want to introduce you to some over the next little while, so you can put faces to names at the Rummage!
This time around the Rummager we want to introduce you to is Laura:

Being an artist and mad opshopper for several years now, I have built up quite the collection of vintage & retro treats. I love anything with a great pattern or that carries a little bit of history to it. As a keen baker, kitchenalia has been a long time favourite of mine and especially teacups
and cake plates that I can put to good use with my baked goods.

I love anything that reminds me of my beautiful grandmothers which I'll either use in my art or to decorate my eclectic home. As my collection increases, I thought it time to share some of these collectables with other likeminded people.

Suitcase rummage has been the perfect platform for this. If I can cut 10 metres of my vintage curtain fabric or wallpaper in half and give someone the same enjoyment that I get from having it for a fraction of antique centre prices, then finding me at rummage is your best bet. Come and have a chat over retro pillowcases & english cake plates some time, I'd love to meet you.

You can also visit Laura at her blog!


  1. This is a great idea. I'd love to see more profile's like this done.
    I went to the rummage Sunday gone and was more than a little disappointed with the wears on offer. 95% of the goods I saw I could have purchased from the salvo's or a garage sale. It looked like half of the kids there just went to the bottom of their wardrobes and pulled out their old crap & stuck price tags on them.
    There were a few creative minds there, talented photographers, artists and original accessory crafters, it's just unfortunate that they got lost amongst the second hand shoes and clothes.
    I bought some amazing zines from a local Brisbane artist that I met there, E J Zyla. This woman stuck out like a sore thumb - for all the right reasons. Even her suitcase was a work of art.
    I would really like to see more local crafters and artists at the rummage. Perhaps if you were to blog about some of the creative minds that were there Sunday it would encourage more local talent to the rummage. I for one would love to see E J Zyla write about her zines and hopefully inspire others.

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  3. I love this mini market idea so much. Are they all in Brisbane?

    And I just have to point out that those mushroom jars are ADORABLE.

  4. Suitcase Rummage is great for artists as well as people selling their second hand goods, whether it be their old shoes and clothes or nice home wares they no longer have a need for. Everyone goes to the rummage to look for different things, and that's the beauty of it, there's a little bit of everything for everyone.


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