Monday, January 7, 2013

Registrations open for Brisbane

Registrations are open for our February Rummage in Brisbane! Head here for more information - and get in quick - they sell out fast!


  1. Hi all.

    I missed out of the rummage coming up in Feb 2013 - if anyone needs to cancel for any reason i am happy to pay them the 25 so i can go in your place :) anyone interested please write to


  2. Hi everyone,
    I just came back from my journey and wanted to register for the suitcase market this sunday when it already been sold out. My and my friends problem is that we are leaving australia next week and we still have too many clothes. For that reason we truly need to sell our stuff on the wonderful market.if anyone needs to cancel or even wants to share its place please let us know. We would be so glad and would even pay 30$ for the place.
    Anyone interested and wants to help us please reply to
    Cheers johanna & luiza from germany :)


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