Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Introducing Kira from Kommoner Kraft!

Kira is one of our regular Rummagers, and we're so pleased share a few images and words from her!
She'll be at the Rummage on Sunday in Brisbane, so stop by and grab a muffin (or some amazing vegan treat!)

From upcycled jewellery and shirts, to handmade plushies and collages, Kommoner makes a variety of crafty things.  They make a conscious effort to be eco-friendly where possible and ensure that all the materials used are vegan friendly.  Their inspiration comes from their love of animals and comics and they try to have new things in every month.

Kommoner also enjoys baking vegan food and has a passion for animal rights.  As such, whenever you purchase something from Kommoner, 40% goes to Farm Animal Rescue (Australia), a Brisbane animal rescue organisation.  If you want to try making some vegan food, check out their blog.
Farm Animal Rescue (Australia)

 Visit Kira's blog and find the recipe for her muffins here -


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