Saturday, May 14, 2011


Another of our lovely Rummagers - Clare, of lil curly top

Hello there! My name is Clare and my label is 'lil curly top'. I am studying a Diploma in Fashion at MSIT.
A few years ago my Aunty taught me how to crochet and I fell in love! I enjoy the journey
of creating a new design, all the sampling before you get that eureka moment when everything just looks how I imagined it.
My favourite yarn to use is anything big, chunky and soft. I like designing unique statement pieces which have people turning for a second look. I want to revive the art of crochet and handmade, make it something that everyone wants to be apart of.
I've been attending markets for the past year or so, mainly at the Young Designer Markets at Southbank till recently when I discovered Suitcase Rummage. I just knew it was the place to be!
I also have an online store for my accessories

Visit Clare online at her store, or see her at the next Suitcase Rummage!

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