Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Suitcase Rummage at..... Laneway Festival 2011

You may have heard it on the grape vine (or seen it whilst snooping around the interwebs) and we are here to confirm a special little Suitcase Rummage at Brisbane's St Jeromes Laneway Festival 2011!!!!

Photo by Jono Robert

We're super mega pumped to be partnering with them. If you have tickets (the lineup is fantastic, so come along!) come and say hello to some of our regular Rummagers - they'll have some special stuff for sale on the day....

It's all happening February 4 - only 2 days before our regular Rummage...


  1. how exciting. im super pumped for laneway next week. glad to hear your gonna be there too!! woo hoooo

  2. HI there,
    Just wondering when you'll notify successful applicants for Feb or do we just show up?
    Carol Connaughton


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